At Electrical Contracting Services (ECS), we believe in safety first. The well-being and health of our employees is our number one priority. This commitment to safety is reflected by our impeccable track record and safety awards.  We adhere to a zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy.  Simply put…it is the way we do business day in and day out. Creating a safe working environment on every job and instilling safe working habits in our people is a critical responsibility of every employee. Our record is a testament to our commitment to safety on every project. We practice proactive risk prevention.

We have contracted a safety consulting firm to assist with all aspects of construction safety and ensure our worksites are safe. 

ECS enforces rigorous safety policies including: mandatory safety training for all employees, weekly safety meetings and daily equipment inspections.

Our Experience Modification Rate is consistently below the Bureau of Labor Statistics national average for incidents and injuries.



An EMR of 1.0 is considered the industry average.